Industrial diamonds

Premium diamonds of consistent quality - we offer industrial diamonds in a range of grades and grit sizes.

Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity of all known minerals. At 1000-2500 W/(m ยท K), this is about five times higher than silver, for example. Since the trend in microelectronics is towards ever smaller geometries, effective cooling is becoming increasingly important.

Together with our FAST/SPS sintering presses, even complicated material combinations such as metal-diamond composites can be realized. As the world market leader in the diamond tool sector, Dr. Fritsch can support you with decades of experience.


What sets us apart

We offer a wide range of different qualities of industrial diamonds.

The most important criterion for us is to ensure consistent diamond quality across different deliveries. Careful selection and control of product data by means of certificates of analysis for each delivery are a matter of course for us - as is the storage of all this data for the purpose of traceability.

We are happy to examine the diamond you are using today and offer you the Mastergrit diamond that matches it (cross matching).

Of course we also offer our diamonds with different coatings on request

Titanium (Ti)
Nickel (Ni)
Nickel Spiky (NiS)
Titanium Carbide (TiC)


The number of possible combinations of diamond quality and size is huge. Therefore, only a few examples are given here: