Raw Materials

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Raw Materials

Dr. Fritsch is the sole manufacturer of FAST/SPS machines, who also covers retrieving and processing of raw materials.

A basic prerequisite for us is to ensure the constant quality of the materials. Therefore, we attach great importance to receiving inspections upon delivery, which are tailored to the respective powder. This may include, for example, test sintering of the delivered material on our FAST/SPS sintering presses to ensure that the sintering behavior of each powder batch complies with the tolerances specified by us. We are happy to provide our customers with a detailed sintering data sheet on request, which shows which hardnesses and densities should be achieved at which process parameters. 

Due to the good sinter and mixture ability of our powders, they are suitable for a wide range of applications: sputtering targets, high entropy alloys (HEA), heat sinks, friction materials etc.

Above that, we deliver our raw materials to a series of research institutes and universities, where these are used in research for future applications.

Minimum Order Quantity? Not an issue for us, we deliver from 1 kg.

Metal- and ceramic powders


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Mixing and alloying service

Alongside with elementary raw materials we offer the possibility to mix or alloy different powders according to your specifications. Confidentiality is our top priority!

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 We offer industrial diamonds in a range of grades and grit sizes.


Production and auxiliary materials

Our product portfolio is rounded off by a range of production auxiliaries such as cold-pressing additives, granulation binders, release agents and pore builders.

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