The 1000th FAST/SPS sinter press delivered | Dr. Fritsch

1000th FAST/SPS sinter press delivered

Fellbach, October 2015 - Dr. Fritsch, the specialist for Field-Assisted Sintering (FAST/SPS), has delivered the 1000th sinter press end of August.
The company from Fellbach, Germany (near Stuttgart) is the oldest and the leading manufacturer of this sinter technology. “For more than 60 years we are the reliable partner of our customers worldwide and constantly develop new sinter solutions – the pipeline is full, we will see many innovations in the near future”, says Ute Wilkinson, president of Dr. Fritsch.

Sinter press number 1000 has been delivered to a prominent customer: the worldwide renown and respected University of Oxford in Great Britain. From now on the FAST/SPS sinter press will help the university to develop innovative powder metallurgical solutions for various applications. The university mainly does research for industrial customers.  „Therefore it was important for us to buy a machine from a manufacturer which is also able to deliver turnkey production equipment with this technology to our industrial customers”, says Alasdair Morrison from the University of Oxford.

  “The applications for field-assisted sintering are steadily increasing. Examples are thermoelectric materials for generating energy out of waste heat and nano-materials in general. Usually, R&D comes before the industrial production and therefore we are very happy that our 1.000th machine goes to a high-class R&D facility like the University of Oxford”, states Jens Huber, International Sales Manager of Dr. Fritsch.