Machines for dosing and weighing | Dr. Fritsch.

DWA 11

Dosing Machine DWA 11

  • tool-free disassembly of all powder transporting parts for a better cleaning and avoiding of powder contamination
  • 30 weighing cups (each 50 ml)
  • constant filling quantities due to automatic rejection of weights out of tolerance
  • self-optimizing after each weighing cycle
  • easy changeover from gram to carat (in case that diamonds are processed)


  • table-frame
  • turn-table plate 30/18 for two cup sizes (50 ml/200 ml)
  • exchange-parts to avoid powder contamination


Maschinen zum automatischen Abwiegen von Metallpulvern, keramischen Bindungen, Diamant, Granulat und anderen Schuttgütern