Cold pressing Machines | Dr. Fritsch

KPV 300

Volumetric Cold Press KPV 300

  • automatical process for the volumetric cold pressing of parts, optional for rings
  • high productivity: 10 - 12 strokes/min, combined with constant high quality of segments due to intelligent process control
  • rotatory filling system motor-driven with tubes or linear filling-system motor-driven with pre-dosing without tubes
  • automatic rejection of parts out of tolerance
  • possibility to use tools with multi-cavities or larger workpiece geometries
  • die Ø 120 mm


  • active suction
  • set of double filling shoes for 2-fold cavity
  • tool for multi-cavity
  • ring adapter
  • adapter ring for KPV 218 dies; inner Ø 90 mm, outer Ø 120 mm
  • segment magazine SMV 218

CPG 100

Gravimetric Cold Press CPG 100

  • high productivity: up to 6 parts/min (simple-layer)
  • offers the possibility to produce high-quality green compacts
    • --> even powder distribution in the die due to a dynamically controllable feeding axis with an "Easy-Fill-System"
  • precise weighing results and constant filling quantities by using proven Dr. Fritsch technologies
  • flexible and economical production also for small series and special segments
    • --> due to a new clamping system no need of machine set-up when changing the powder
  • user friendly machine
    • --> easy cleaning of all powder carrying parts
    • --> second operation panel for the comfortable set-up of balances and powder feeder


  • third dosing and weighing unit
  • extension of the programme memory to up to 300 parameter sets
  • segment magazine SMV 218

Cold pressing

Machines for the gravimetric or volumetric cold pressing of:

  • friction materials
  • thermoelectric materials
  • all kind of green parts for easier handling, reduction of dust and increase of sintering precision and productivity