Our Application Center in Fellbach | Dr. Fritsch

Application Center in Fellbach, Germany

On the two floors of our application center, almost all Dr. Fritsch machines are available for testing. Highly qualified application engineers, some of them working with Dr. Fritsch for more than 30 years, get the best from the machines and your materials.

Upon demand, we are also taking care of the CAD-design of the graphite molds. FEM-analysis is also available from an experienced German partner company.
The analysis of the sintered parts is usually done by the customer. We are exclusively focused on machine production without any final product development nor manufacturing. This ensures that you can always rely on our confidentiality regarding your R&D activities.

If you are looking for an independent partner for your material or product development, we will be pleased to connect you to renown R&D-institutes which are operating our machines. 

If required, we can also test all pre-sinter production steps: powder mixing, granulation and cold pressing. Three sinter presses are available covering all ranges from the sintering of single specimen to the simulation of mass production at sinter temperatures of up to 2.400°C. Molds can be filled under protective atmosphere in a glovebox.

Have you already done tests with another FAST/SPS machine at an R&D-institute? Just bring the molds which you have used and your materials. We achieve the same or better results at much lower sintering costs!

Upon request we will be pleased to recommend local institutes to our customers in China, USA and many European countries for doing tests with our machines. 

Please contact us, if you are interested in conducting tests at Dr. Fritsch:
Jens Huber, International Sales Manager
Tel. +49-(0)711-51832-221