Sintered brakes and clutches

FAST/SPS in the industry:

sintered brakes and clutches


Sputter Targets

FAST/SPS in the industry:

sputter targets


FAST/SPS in the industry:


FAST/SPS in the industry:

thermoelectric materials

FAST/SPS for Research & Development

No. 1: More than 1.000 FAST/SPS-sinter presses sold since 1953!



Machines, materials and services for research institutes and industry

FAST/SPS sintering for Professionals

All over the world, companies from a wide variety of industries work with the long-lasting technology of Dr. Fritsch. We combine the experience of nearly 70 years of successful company history with trend-setting, imaginative thinking. A comprehensive range of products and efficient solutions make us the world market leader for FAST/SPS-machines for industrial applications, as well as for research and development.




With more than 1,000 systems installed, Dr. Fritsch is the world market leader in FAST/SPS sinter presses.

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Dr. Fritsch's portfolio includes almost all machinery needed for state of the art ceramic and powder-metallurgical applications.

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Individual, innovative, international - great tasks are awaiting you at Dr. Fritsch! 

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News, Exhibitions and  Second-hand machines

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Partnership goes beyond the sale with us...


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