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Sintered brakes and clutches

FAST/SPS in the industry:
sintered brakes and clutches

Sputter Targets

FAST/SPS in the industry:
sputter targets


FAST/SPS in the industry:

FAST/SPS in the industry:
thermoelectric materials

FAST/SPS for Research & Development

No. 1: More than 1.000 FAST/SPS-sinter presses sold since 1953!

- Dr. Fritsch Green

FAST/SPS Sintering: Energy-Efficient Innovation by Dr. Fritsch

Dr. Fritsch proudly introduces its advanced FAST/SPS sintering technology as a milestone in energy-efficient material processing. Compared to conventional hot pressing methods, Dr. Fritsch's FAST/SPS sintering presses require approximately 40% less energy – a significant step towards sustainability and environmental conservation.

To emphasize our commitment to environmental friendliness, we have decided to change the color of our logo: Red becomes Green. This transformation not only symbolizes our contribution to environmental protection but also the innovation embedded in every aspect of our technology. SPS is Green!

FAST/SPS Sintering for Professionals

Companies worldwide rely on Dr. Fritsch's proven technology across various industries. With 70 years of successful company history, we combine experience with forward-thinking. Our comprehensive range and efficient solutions have positioned us as the global leader in SPS sintering technology for industrial applications, research, and development.





As the world market leader, Dr. Fritsch plays a leading role in the development and manufacture of  FAST/SPS sinter presses.


Dr. Fritsch's portfolio includes all relevant machines needed for state of the art ceramic and powder-metallurgical applications.


Innovation and tradition - both are inextricably linked at Dr Fritsch...


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Individual, innovative, international - great tasks are awaiting you at Dr. Fritsch!