Process control with FAST/SPS sintering | Dr. Fritsch

Process control


FAST/SPS-sintering: Quality

The quality of FAST/SPS sintering from Dr. Fritsch stands for maximum process reliability, control and suitability for large-scale production. The precise recording of all process-relevant parameters ensures controllable and reproducible sintering.

Quality assurance includes:

  •     Recording and displaying process curves and data.
  •     Visualization of multiple machines at the same time.
  •     Reporting and documentation of machine malfunctions.
  •     Storage of process data in a database.
  •     Export of process data, for example to MS Excel.
  •     The software is based on MS Windows and an SQL database.

This comprehensive quality assurance ensures that every step in the sintering process is closely monitored so that the highest standards of process reliability and reproducibility can be maintained.