FAST/SPS Services


Services at a glance

  • Prototyping and pilot scale production
  • Toll sintering of specimens from 10mm to 400mm
  • Glove box handling for oxygen sensitive materials
  • Material sourcing and longterm distribution
  • Sieve granulation and dry mixing
  • Tooling selection and procurement
  • FEM modelling with © Engemini for optimized temperature distribution
  • Laboratory services (SEM/EDX, micro hardness testing)

Benefits of Dr. Fritsch

  • Highly qualified application engineers, some with more than 30 years of service, who get the best out of the machines and material
  • Absolute confidentiality: As a pure mechanical engineer without our own sinter product development, we emphasize the absolute confidentiality of the development work.
  • 70 years of experience in FAST/SPS
  • Extensive selection in available FAST/SPS machines in our application centre (LSP 100, DSP 507, DSP 615, DSP 520, MSP 5)
  • Collaboration with renowned research institutes
  • Selected raw materials in stock and available at short hand

Available FAST/SPS sinter presses


Machine Type

Heating Power

Pressing Force [kN]

Electrode Dimensions [mm]

LSP 100 *

44 kVA



DSP 507

79 kW



DSP 615

173 kW



DSP 520

242 kW




415 kW



* The LSP 100 is equipped with our unique TRI-FORCE system, which enables pressureless sintering and thus effective degassing and liquid phase sintering.

Material procurement and analysis

Dr. Fritsch is the sole manufacturer of FAST/SPS machines, who also covers retrieving and processing of raw materials. We offer metal- and ceramic raw materials, coated and uncoated synthetic diamonds, as well as complementary services like dry mixing, sieve granulation and material analysis.


Prototyping and pilot scale production

Selection of available metal- and ceramic powders

Laboratory services