FAST/SPS sintering. Economical and efficient | Dr. Fritsch


Economical and efficient

FAST/SPS sintering technology offers impressive energy savings compared to traditional methods. The sintering cycles are significantly shorter than with conventional types of heating, which leads to efficient production. The temperatures and pressing forces required are lower than with conventional processes.

The flexibility of this technology allows it to work in any temperature range. Mechanical reworking of the workpieces is reduced to a minimum, which further increases efficiency. The powder can be sintered directly onto the carrier body, which simplifies the manufacturing process.

The machines that use this technology are suitable for both mass production and small series. This makes the technology versatile and adaptable to different production requirements.

The FAST/SPS sintering technology opens up the possibility of realizing unusual material combinations. In doing so, it expands the boundaries of what is possible in material production and enables innovative product developments.