FAST/SPS-Sintering | Dr. Fritsch

FAST/SPS sintering presses – sintering in a new dimension


In 1953, Dr. Fritsch began developing FAST/SPS-sintering for industrial applications. This makes Dr. Fritsch the oldest and by far the largest provider of spark plasma sintering presses worldwide. Dr. Fritsch has sold more than 1,000 FAST/SPS sintering presses since 1953. Much more than all other manufacturers combined. 

In contrast to other processes, the workpiece is heated by direct current flow during FAST/SPS-sintering and is compressed under pressure at the same time. As a result, sintering is already active in the shortest time, drastically reducing cycle times, reducing grain growth and significantly improving the microstructure.
This principle is also evident in the name:
FAST = Field Assisted Sintering Technique 

SPS = Spark Plasma Sintering. A term commonly used in scientific literature that is technically not quite correct. The industry is therefore correctly speaking increasingly of fast-sintering. However, since the term SPS is widely used, we use both terms synonymously, although they describe the same procedure. Depending on the source, there are also a number of other descriptions for the direct hot pressing by means of an electric current.

This direct-acting and highly efficient manufacturing process convinces with improved material properties, higher productivity and more flexibility in production planning compared to conventional systems.