Our products are CE-compliant | Dr. Fritsch


Quality First - our Machines are CE-compliant

With Dr. Fritsch puts quality above all else, especially when it comes to sintering. The basis for first-class sintering is a machine that meets the highest quality standards. This is particularly evident in the impressive availability of our machines. The technology from Dr. Fritsch impresses with its exceptionally long service life, which is valued by numerous international corporations. Our machines use these not only in regular 3-shift operation, but even in demanding 5-shift operation day and night.

The fact that all of our machines are CE-compliant and meet the most modern safety requirements goes without saying for us. This self-evident fact is an expression of our commitment to safety and quality leadership. Our machines are designed not only to meet the highest production requirements, but also to ensure a safe working environment.

Through this combination of quality assurance, longevity and safety standards, Dr. Fritsch not only offers first-class sintering, but also an investment in the future. Our customers can trust that our machines will allow them to easily meet not only their current but also future production needs. Because for us, quality is above all else – from sintering to machine processing.