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FAST/SPS for research, development and high volume applications

Pioneer and Pacemaker

Innovation and Tradition – both are inseparably linked with Dr. Fritsch. As a pioneer in the field of FAST/SPS sintering, we have defined standards and driven development from the very beginning. This has not changed until today: When it comes to FAST / SPS sintering on an industrial scale, Dr. Fritsch is the benchmark of the industry.


In 1953 DR. FRITSCH launched the first sintering press DSP 6 on the market.

At just 6 kVA, the small table machine was the hit.

The requirements increased continuously over time. More sinter surface, higher productivity, automation, energy savings, ...




The new DSP 615 (now with 180 kVA) offers with the Smart Data Concept the possibility to capture and process all relevant production data. This puts them on the safe path to Industry 4.0.